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Things to do

The Bonnefanten Museum is a museum for old, modern and contemporary art with changing exhibitions. The building, designed by the Italian architect Aldo Rossi, shines prominently on Maastricht’s skyline.

Bishops Mill
This watermill at the northern branch of the Jeker was first documented in the 11th century. In those days, the mill belonged to Godfried of Bouillon, and after him to the prince bishop of Liège. You can reach the wheel of the watermill, located at the backside, by going though the Bishops Mill Tunnel.

The facade dates to 1609. The mill and artisanal bakery were reunited in 2005. Those who’d like to experience the ancient process of ‘boer-molenaar-bakker’ (farmer-miller- baker), are free to visit the mill and the adjacent artisanal bakery next to the Stenen Brug. During the tour you’ll witness the entire process, the miller grinds the ancient grains Kollenberger Spelt in the restored watermill, after which he’ll bake the most delicious and healthy breads and pastries.

This all is accompanied with the pleasure of Limburgish Speltvlaai and a nice cup of coffee. The Bishops Mill is about five minutes away from Boutique Hotel Sint Jacob on foot.

Tour Fort St. Pieter and North Caves
Experience the Sint Pietersberg, both above and underground. Travel back in time, and relive the history during a guided tour through the fort Sint Pieter, and the North Caves.

The enthusiastic tour guides will first show you some interesting sites like the water well, the loopholes and the fort's canon gallery, while you’re being entertained with wonderful stories full of charming anecdotes, and interesting facts. Afterwards you’ll be taken on an adventure into the caves of the Sint Pietersberg!

No light can be seen, no sound can be heard, no smell can be smelled, no pollution, no network on your cell phone, no sense of time... In a labyrinth of over 20,000 underground tunnels, the tour guide will take you to a place where the names and drawings arise before you of the people from several centuries ago who worked here day after day. It’s a once in a life time experience!

Farm Daalhoeve
The Daalhoeve Farm is a petting zoo in Daalhof district in the western part of Maastricht. Kids can happily walk around the goats, pigs, alpacas, chickens, sheep, the donkey the pony, ducks and other farm animals. They can also romp around in the playground. Besides this there’s also a path to be taken barefoot, and an adventurous imp route for the toddlers.

FunVille Playlounge
FunVille Playlounge is a super amazing playground, located in the ‘Awwe Stiene Kerk’ in the inner part of Maastricht. A playground where children up to twelve years old can spend their time in an sportive, creative and active way. It’s one big adventure at FunVille Playlounge where all the attractions are built in an old church to a staggering height of 10 meters. Exciting...!

A network of underground mineshafts has been dug west of Maastricht between 1575 and 1825. These were used to approach the city's enemies unnoticed during a siege. Mostly woman from the 18th century dug like moles to create a 14 kilometre long defence system west of town.

Many citizens of Maastricht sought cover in these shafts from the bombings during WWII and sat there for many anxious hours closely packed together. The tour through the casemates will clarify the how and why of this impressive and unique piece of war engineering.

Take a cruise over the Maas and tour through marl caves Zonneberg
Those who like to do something else for a change, should combine a boat cruise over the river Maas, with a tour through the marl caves Zonneberg – an interesting, and money-saving combo! The cruise will give you a excellent impression of Maastricht seen from the water.

While you are having this cruise, you can enjoy the historic Saint Servaas Bridge, the new district Céramique and the government building. Halfway the boat will moor at the Sint Pietersberg.

Accompanied by an experienced guide from the Tourist Office, you’ll be taken on an one hour long tour onto the mountain and through the marl caves. After the visit to the caves, the boat cruise will continue. 

Wijndomein De Stad Maastricht
For a tour, or a tasting at a vineyard in Maastricht, the hill land, or the Belgium Voerstreek, you’ll have to be at the vinery de Stad Maastricht.

This is also the place to go to if you’re interested in a tour along the makers of the tongue tickling regional produce, bike tours along the vineyards in the Maas Valley, culinary walks in the Geul Valley, or day long workshops about vinery in Limburg.

Theatre en cinema
A rich cultural program with many highlights, that’s what the theatres of Maastricht guarantee all season long with their many festivals for young and old. Het Theater aan het Vrijthof for example, two minutes on foot from both hotels, offers a rich and varied program ranging from Musica Sacra to JONG!

And from the Dutch Dancing Days to TEFAF. Prefer a night at the cinema? From the newest action thriller to the most obscure cult movies, everything is screened in the regular cinemas and the art movie houses in Maastricht.